The expired tears-

Of the pain and peril,

Of those sons & daughters born in the East,

Remain as Kenya’s emblem of Inequality.


Why were you born eastwards?

Didn’t your parents countenance the punishment of poverty?

What constrained their endeavour to escape East-gate?


The wrath of penury,

Buttressed by the quest for greater opulence by Kenya’s plutocracy,

Gnaws at every effort,

By East-gate to emancipate.


Like Day and Night

Binary distinctions between the East and the West

Remain cruelly overt.

Whether in life or death-

The poor are known by how society (mis)treats them.

For when the Occupants of Opulence sneeze, the Public pauses.

Yet, when the Primates of Paucity die, life drifts on, unflustered


East pays the taxes

The West uses and abuses the taxes

The East sings ‘patriotic’ songs in honour of the West’s ‘gallantry’.

The West pretentiously crows dirges for the fallen East.

On Public Holidays,

The East sends its contortionist daughters, to shake their rumps-

In front of raunchy male dignitaries from the West

Meanwhile, the daughters of the West, slouch in exquisite coaches,

Loafing away the day, watching a Box Office Movie.


The daily grind of breadwinning,

A sport perfected by the East,

Is refereed by ravenous umpires from the West

Isn’t a ten shilling coin, in the parched trouser of an East-lands’ man

As worthy as the same coin, left behind as the waiteress’ tip,

By the pot-bellied honcho, after a coffee rendezvous?


The over-revved jalopies plying pot-holed roads in East-gate neighbourhoods

Are metallic death-traps proudly owned by some West-gate wheeler-dealers;

In the morning, they ferry the frightened East to work;

In the evening, their proceeds furl the West with felicity.


For the West, the ends don’t just meet, they carouse.

For the East, the ends don’t meet, they repellently approach.

The East is naively divided by ethnicity.

The West is nonchalantly united by profligacy.

Who is the foolish one?


National tragedies reveal our fake unity

National elections release our animal instinct.

The West comes to the East to make a cameo appearance,

Albeit hypocritical, when the latter is bereaved.

East-gate is scorched by the blistering Sun,

As she lines up to vote into office, the voracious West-

For a five year season of sin, servitude, slovenly and shameless stealing!


Until East-gate gets angry enough;

The Westgate won’t be fearful enough-

To jettison the jeer, the jest and the injustice,

That it perpetually metes out on the egregious East.


The West is hijacked by greed;

The East is trapped by dearth.

Who shall save the other?



A satirical serenade for Kenya’s two groups of citizenry. 


Queen of Equivocation

She loves and laughs.

But a cursory stare shows-

A queen that harangues and hisses. 

Careful bro, careful. 

She belies herself.

A damsel with a dual personality.


Her poster-girl smile,

Is a smokescreen for Daughter Devil.

Under the noon-high sunshine,

She makes and breaks pledges

Without shudder or shame. 

When confronted,

She bestrides the scene like Caesar’s wife.

Calm with congenital candor.

The accuser suddenly looks like the aggressor! 



Is an inconvenient interruption,

To her otherwise pristine personality.

If you probe further-

She equivocates with ecclesiastical exactitude.


What shall make her admit?

Who will call her out?

Why does time let her off with a wrist slap?

When will her words wobble witlessly?

I am irked by her impish incantations! 

Who will disentangle me from this convolution of conscience?

Who? Anyone?





Yesterday we celebrated you.

When the bell tolled,

We stood on our feet, paused for a moment,

Then gave you a thunderous ovation. 


But therein lies the problem.

It was yesterday. Yes, it is the past. 


Ours is a fast-paced world.

Compounded by congenital amnesia,

We’re bound to forget your accomplishments quickly. 


So, plan a come-back.

Move from good to great.

Every ovation will tempt you to over-reach.

But our current silence wants just that.

Another achievement. Another trail-blaze.

Another innovation. Another ovation.

Move. From Good. To Great.

Will you? 

There are days, nights and fights,

Then mornings, evenings and meanings

Sometimes you win, at other times you sin.

When you lose, don’t muse

Although you hope, adversity never gives you a truce.

The village has a son,

The suburban, a truant

One rules, the other forlornly aspires

And when they meet,

A rendezvous is way too much!

Don’t shout for fame

Yelp in between ululations.

When talking to the sun and the moon,

I couldn’t tell who between the two comes first or soon.


This life’s triple transitions-

Meetings, Partings,

Experiences in between these two…

Fasten your belt,

The unicorn will bolt out soon.

Martians never lie!

Recently, while visiting my parents i witnessed an occurrence that taught me a phenomenal lesson. While sitted in the living room, a bee stung me. Oh, was it painful or what. I quickly rushed to the kitchen, took some paraffin and applied at the spot. This was based on old-school logic taught way back that paraffin has some element that neutralizes the effect and poison of the bee sting. It worked, but left me with a swollen arm.


As i retreated to sleep, another bee was circling over-head. Feeling disturbed, i tried to kill it to no avail. Sitted on my bed, i reminisced over the day’s happenings before sleeping. Suddenly, i saw the bee buzz towards a spider’s web that was formed at the corner of the room, near where two metal boxes were set. A fierce battle ensued. The spider struck hard. The bee fought back. The struggle took a turn as each of these two insects fought for the web-turf. However, i could notice that the bee was struggling. I mean, this was the spider’s turf. Within a minute or so, the audible buzz of the bee was muted. The spider watched from a short distance. The contest was over. The bee didn’t need to concede. This wasn’t its turf. In spite of the painful sting another bee had inflicted on me a few minutes ago, the terrain of the war was very different this time round.

Therein, was the moral of this episode.  

Yes, good riddance 2012.

ImageThe year when the devil sought to take me out by incessantly blighting me with sickness, untold pain and multiple adversity.

It was as if i was eternally shackled in a dark maze, unable to tell which way out.

It was a year when my worst side was unraveled to me, things i had hitherto ignored.

It was a year of many unfulfilled dreams.

It was a year of disruptive and disenfranchising relationships.

It wasn’t a good year, right from January to the end.

The most appropriate name for 2012 is ANNUS HORRIBILIS.

But that is just a half of the story. The other half is that God came through for me.

He turned my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into joy and my disadvantages into invaluable lessons and opportunities. He went further and restored my losses in divinely amazing ways. He confounded my opponents. He silenced my critics. He answered my cynical enemies. He stayed the plans of my saboteurs. He snugged me with His everlasting, never-failing grace and love. He protected me from making some very foolish and self-destructive choices. He declined to answer some of my prayers which if He did, would have destroyed me.

That is the other half of 2012. That is my ANNUS MIRABILIS.

As i bid the bitter half of 2012 goodbye, i can’t embrace enough the other awesome, rewarding and redemptive half of the same year. I only hope that 2013 will pick the cue and bring my way better days that will make me, by God’s grace, to move from GOOD to GREAT.


Amidst Them All

Go forth placidly,

Amidst the wailing of whooped souls,

Don’t repose

Amidst the rising crescendo of cynics

Go forth towards your pre-destined greatness,

Ignore the ignominy of the ignoramus-

Go forth unflinchingly,

Challenge the chorus of charlatans


Don’t fret. Never feel frail.

Fight on tooth and nail

The battle may last longer than usual

Peradventure, to prove your tenacity.


Don’t give up,

Don’t give in.

Victory isn’t for bluffers!

Stay the course.

And never put your hard earned courage-

On mortgage!


Life is short-

Adversity has multiplied.

But your extraction is pedigree.

Defeat was never your brief.


A serenade awaits you,

If you cross the finish line!

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